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Each young adult who goes on to university is assigned a mentor, who is responsible for helping them set and maintain a budget. The mentor also checks their progress in school and reports back to the board of directors on each student's progress.

We have an average of 24 Jamaa Letu students attending post-secondary education during each school year. These students are at different stages of their education but all need funding to continue.

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Life after the orphanage

The Jamaa Letu orphanages provide a safe place for displaced children and help them to complete a primary and secondary education. But as the young men and women of the Jamaa Letu orphanages graduate from the equivalent of our high school they must also leave the protection of Jamaa Letu. Our commitment to helping them does not end there. 

The children at the orphanages want (and need) a higher education that will allow them to break the cycle of poverty and violence and become leaders in their communities. These young people have no way to pay for ongoing education or trade school tuition as they move towards independence and need our help to succeed. 



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